Artist Development is the process any Song writer, Producer or Vocalist goes through to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional career. This means everything from Songwriting, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Distribution, Image and branding, live performance, Marketing, Social Media and dealing with Labels and Contracts. Artist development in the music industry has changed since the internet and social media. The days of being “discovered” are over, leaving Artist to build they’re own Networks of fans and finding their own way to the masses.
The easiest way to overcome these hurdles is to work with like minded experienced Artists/Music Professionals to help guide you in the right direction.  Our Goal is to help Develop your skills as an artist, a good understanding of the process of releasing music/distribution, marketing/branding yourself and your music. Also connecting you to Many Government Agencies and Opportunities available to Artists.
Having experience Artists/Industry Professionals give feedback on your work, introduce you to other good industry people and having a network of like minded individuals supporting you is invaluable. In 2018 you can no longer just be an Artist or Dj. You must also be your management, marketing team and legal team.
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